DL Training Consultancy (DLTC)
DLTC is an authorised BPP Learning Media distributor. DLTC has been working together with BPP to support ACCA Approved Learning Partners (ALPs) in Malaysia providing quality study materials and support materials (i.e. toolkit) for lecturers. This will equip lecturers with relevant knowledge and study materials to assist students and colleges achieving higher pass rate.

Our study materials are widely used by ALPs and students. We (BPP & DLTC) will continue to support ALPs by inviting ALPs to our “Lecturer Conference” seminar.

Order procedures:

a. Email completed order form and proof of payment.

b. You will receive your order between 2 to 5 working days subject to stock availability.

BPP Online Courser – Classroom, Taught Live, Revision Live, etc,
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