BPP Learning Media provides the materials you need to help you achieve your career ambitions through study and exam success. We provide you with a choice of products in various formats to suit your learning style. You can rely on our trusted brand which brings proven results for successful professionals and professional bodies worldwide. Our accessible products are written by authors and tutors with years of industry experience. Complex information is presented in user-friendly ways so it is easier (and more fun) to learn. Most importantly, our materials are always relevant and packed full of the most accurate and up to date practical knowledge which you need for success.

Our study materials enable students to create their own study package to suit their individual learning needs to gain and apply the knowledge required.


Our Study Texts are at the heart of our study options. Study Texts cover the syllabus comprehensively, at the right level and in a clear, user-friendly way. 

Key features (which can vary between ranges) include:

  • Reviewed by examiners
  • User-friendly format for easy navigation
  • Explanation of key terms
  • Targeted coverage linked to the relevant syllabus learning outcomes
  • Fast Forward points to allow you to pass quickly through sections which you are already familiar with
  • Exam Focus Points showing exactly what the examiner wants you to do
  • Opportunities to put learning into practice and review progress with Practice Questions, Chapter Roundups and Quick Quizzes
  • Examples to bring topics to life and show at a glance how key areas link together
  • Exam Question Bank containing exam standard questions with answers


Our Practice and Revision Kits allow opportunities to test knowledge by putting theory into practice and refining exam technique.  

Key features (which can vary between ranges) include:

  • Reviewed by examiners
  • Guidance on the best strategies for revising and passing exams
  • Banks of examination questions and answers, plus objective test questions
  • Pilot papers and relevant recent exam questions, some with official examiners’ answers
  • Clearly structured answers supported by hints and tips, answer plans and answers that could be achieved under exam conditions
  • Unique Revision Guidance detailing the best questions to practise
  • Topic Index
  • At least two mock exams


Our Passcards are A6 spiral bound revision aids ideal for students on the move. 

Passcards are now also available as apps for iPhones and iPads, making last minute revision even more convenient (for certain ranges only). Visit bpp.com/lm/ebooks for further information.

Key features include:

  • Topics presented in the same order as the Study Text
  • Tabs to highlight the topic(s) covered on the card and within the chapter
  • Aid revision by giving clear, visual emphasis to key points
  • Portable and concise, ideal for last minute revision on the move
  • Suitable for both computer and paper-based exams


Our innovative electronic products have been designed to complement our printed portfolio.

A wide selection of multimedia products are available to meet students’ learning needs and tutors’ course delivery requirements.

i-Pass is the ideal study companion to assist with revising, testing knowledge and identifying areas for further study.

Key features include:

  • Facility to sit a full exam or a shorter test
  • Ability to create multiple tests on chosen areas
  • Unlimited question practice as different numbers are generated each time (for certain papers only)
  • Instant feedback on performance
  • An environment similar to the real computer-based exam (for papers with computer-based exams)


Our Interactive Passcards link nuggets of eLearning material to an on-screen interactive version of our Passcards. We have added audio tutorials and lots of testing to create a truly interactive, value-adding study aid. Available for ACCA, FIA and CIMA.

Key features include:

  • Follows structure and order of our Study Text
  • Easy to navigate between chapters, sections of chapters (using the Passcards tabs) and Passcards pages
  • A scene-setting context section at the start of each chapter
  • Expanded content to add to or illustrate Passcards topic coverage
  • Links from each Passcard page to the corresponding section of the Study Text
  • Audio/on-screen tutorials, chapter summaries, end-of-chapter testing and glossary


Success CDs are audio revision aids which cover the vital elements of the syllabus in less than 90 minutes. You can increase your study time by using the CDs in the car, at the gym or anywhere you can listen to a stereo.

Key features include:

  • Written and updated by subject experts
  • Focus on the key examinable areas
  • Easy and quick topic choice 


i-Learns are an interactive eLearning tool which can be used alongside paper products for a blended learning experience. They cover core topics in an exam focused and absorbing way.

Key features include:

  • Student participation which helps understanding and faster progress
  • Step-by-step topic coverage, graphics, animation and question practice