About BPP Learning Media  

At BPP Learning Media, we seek to inspire, enthuse and guide people from all walks of life on every step of their educational journey.

We have a passion for imparting knowledge and improving lives through education. Together we can work to improve life and career aspirations across the world.

The trusted publishing partner

From our beginnings nearly 40 years ago, BPP Learning  Media has become the benchmark for quality in professional education study materials.

As the publishing arm of BPP, tutors and students in worldwide look to us as an essential support for success in accountancy, tax, financial services, business, management, marketing and medical exams.

The professional choice in professional learning

By using our products, you will be providing your students   with the very best resources for effective learning, revision and final exam preparation, whatever their level and capabilities.

Our accessible, engaging materials focus on core syllabus content. Our tailored materials help you support students’ individual requirements, while our tutor resources help you deliver captivating classroom sessions and drive home key syllabus points.

All our materials are written by experienced professionals skilled in presenting information that inspires and makes it easier for your students to learn and progress.

Our expert authors

We owe the world-renowned quality of BPP Learning Media study materials and resources to our authors.

We have a team of around 30 in-house subject matter experts, each dedicated to a particular range according to their qualifications, interests and industry experience. Many are ex-examiners with direct experience working alongside

professional bodies and examining boards, whilst others have a background in hands-on classroom tuition.

Collectively, they have a great knowledge of educational and professional practice and a clear understanding of industry requirements, the professional bodies whose qualifications they write for and, perhaps most importantly, you and your need for world-class teaching resources which get results time and time again.

Study materials for every learning style

The materials we produce for your students always meet the criteria set by awarding bodies for exam and syllabus content.

We understand the key to effective learning is to allow students to access information in the manner which best suits them.

Some are visual learners, some are auditory learners and others prefer to gather information through practical examples.

We have developed different suites of materials to support these personal preferences. So alongside tradition core Study Texts and Workbooks, you’ll also find materials such as Practice & Revision Kits.

By tailoring our materials to specific learning styles, we have created a suite of resources that not only develop a deeper understanding of the topic, but also aid learning retention.